Description of a Sensual Massage
I offer Naturist Massage for those looking for massage relaxation - stimulation - sensation.
Below is a general description of the 90 minute sensual massage that I give.
However every massage is different as this will depend wether I am giving to a man or a woman and whether it is being given for relaxation and escapism, sensational exploration, performance reasons.

Naturist Therapeutic Phase

The NaturistTherapeutic phase lasts about 20 minutes and is focused on the shoulders and back of the upper body.
The aim is to encourage the client into a further relaxed state. With the use of light touch, feathers and soft caring touch combined with more traditional deep tissue muscle work causes the client to further to “let go”.
The combination of soft strokes with stronger deeper massage generates a confidence within the client and a genuine feeling of being cared for. This is followed by gentle teasing of the more intimate areas of the body making the skins sensory preceptors to send signals to the brain, the brain responds by stimulating the body’s para sympathetic nervous system (relax and rest mode) and the massage progresses in to the Gentle Arousal Phase.
Gentle Arousal Phase

By now the client is usually well on the sensual journey, still aware of what is taking place but beginning to “drift away” losing themselves to the sensations of the massage. Further exploration into the intimate crevices of the body namely the neck, armpits, groin and pelvic areas are all stimulated. Arousal begins to increase usually causing erection (men) and lubrication (women) accompanied by deeper breathing and some involuntary movements of the body. The skin becomes more sensitive as body contact between the masseur and client increases. And the brain begins to drifts in and out of awareness.
Relaxation - Lingam / Prostate Massage

The male sexual response cycle consists of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The first 3 phases of this massage cover the first two elements of this cycle.
During this phase of the massage the body and mind becomes paradoxically, both deeply relaxed and highly aroused, this contradictory state causes the bodies’ nervous system to oscillate between its sympathetic and para sympathetic modes as the mind focuses on the sensations of the final ascent to orgasm.
At the pinnacle of orgasm control is given over to the primal response of orgasm and in men ejaculation) the muscles tense, the breathing increases, often the client becomes more verbal emitting pleasurable moans. Orgasms are usually a combination of peripheral (genital or extra-genital) stimulation and a mental “letting go.”
The body relaxes and encouraged by stroking of the head and scalp the body quickly falls in to “rest, relax and re cooperate mode. With the drifting into a deep state of sub conscious even light sleep.
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Health Naturist Esotic Massage
Male / Gay / Men Massage
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