Electrotherapy is an excellent way to lose weight, tone your body and deal with cellulite. It is safe, convenient, and it targets the problem zones you really want to address. Better than draining workouts and rigorous diets, it gets to work immediately and deals with these hard to reach areas that even regular workouts can rarely improve.

How does it work?

Electrotherapy is an effective, healthy and fast treatment that uses electrodes to send electrical impulses to the muscles and causes them to contract. Medical practitioners and physiotherapists use this technology in rehabilitation and for physical therapies, and it has effectively been applied to treat muscle injuries after the ordeals of ironmen competitions.

As more of the advantages of electrotherapy are coming to light, more and more health spas and clinics are now offering this treatment as part of their programs. Electrotherapy is an effective tool in aiding weight loss, causing fat cells to release toxins and in reducing cellulite.

Sounds to good to be true? You better believe it.
Electrotherapy really works. It is pain-free, non-evasive and will get you fast results. It supports the release of toxins from your body, increases circulation and in combination with a healthy eating program, you will be able to see measurable outcomes quickly.

How does elctrotherapy tone the body and reduce cellulite?
Electrotherapy tightens the deep and superficial muscles for non-surgical facial and body sculpting. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage and this helps to reduce excess fluids, eliminate puffiness and toxins. It is safe to use on any area of the body where fat builds up or skin loses elasticity (breasts, arms, buttocks, abdomen, thighs and waist) so it helps in the reduction of fat, weight, cellulite, and inches when combined with a healthy eating plan.

This method of slimming has been around since 1940 and the technique has been perfected over the years. The only side effects recorded in the last 60+ years have been increased energy, better circulation, more restful sleep, and inch loss!

What happens in an Electrotherapy Session? 
 I will place a number of electro pads on the specific parts of your body that will be treated. Once activated, the electrodes go to work to transform your problem areas.

A session can take from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. For best results, it is recommended to participate in the program two times a week for about six weeks. However, individual programs are constructed depending on your specific needs and desired outcome.
Skin Tonning, Cellulite, Pain Relief, Muscles,
Back, Shoulders Strenght
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Massage Payment
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