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Rejuvenation Treatment
The environment we live in, our overexposure to sunshine, stress, aging and unhealthy diets are often reflected in our skin condition. Blotches, scars and sunspots show up and can lead to less than ideal skin appearances. An effective treatment can help restore your skin’s youthful glow. It helps smooth out uneven texture, reduces pores and minor imperfections, and supports an overall healthier complexion. While treatment results of individual, small spots might seem insignificant, the overall effect can be quite a dramatic one.

Pigmentation  & Desincrustation
Freckles, sunspots and skin discoloration are all signs of skin damage. Depending on size and color, these marks can look quite unsightly, especially in your face or on the back of your arms and hands. Bleaching creams oftentimes not only irritate the skin but also produce very limited results.The treatment with electro therapy, dermabration massage and infro-red light is a safe, easy to apply and brief treatment that can help. The stimulation through light of the deeper tissue causes your body to boost collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the production of connective tissue. You will notice an improved skin tone and a refined and refreshed looking skin texture. Initial results are often subtle and you can expect 4 – 6 treatments to achieve the best outcome.

Acne Treatment
This treatment is also an effective acne treatment as it not only reduces considerably the number and severity of active lesions, but it also has an impact on the frequency and severity of break-outs. The skin changes of acne are caused by skin structures called pilosebaceous units and the overactive sebaceous glands. Infro-red lights emits light that directly targets the glands. The results are a considerable reduction in the total number of active lesions; outbreaks are less severe and inflammation is reduced. The treatment also stimulates the production of new collagen. This boosts the reproduction of connective tissue and improves the skin texture. It also reduces the appearance of the unsightly spots that are typical with acne breakouts.

Male Body Waxing
Massage Payment
 Facials, Microdermabrasion, High Frenquency
 & Male Body Waxing 
Massage Payment
 Rejuvenation and Tonning 
Individual Treatment List
Back and shoulders £30-35
Abdomen and chest £30
Underarms £10
Full arms £25
Half arms £15 
Full legs £35
Half legs £20
Speedo £ 20
Crack £20
Buttocks/crack £30
Brazilian/sack £30
Hollywood/sack £30
Sack & crack £40
including your buttocks as well as a Brazilian/Hollywood
Back, sack and crack £60
 including your shoulders as well as a Brazilian/Hollywood
Full body £120-130
from your neck all the way to your little toe
Lower body £70
from the waist down
Upper body £70
from the waist up
Male Intimate Body Waxing
 Body hair removal using the ancient Egyptian art of Sugaring, it is more pleasurable experience, ensuring clients leave feeling and looking great with instant results.
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