The Massage - Complete Full Body

During the Massage I will use long, slow gliding strokes in order to release muscular tension and relax the nervous . This technique uses firm but even pressure to promote and ease muscle tension, which extends to providing health benefits in other areas.
The massage is an excellent  for relaxation and it is highly popular.
The Massage  also helps very well with the following:
Anxiety, Any Pain or Stress, Insomnia, Loss of Libidoa and High Blood Pressure


The Session

Depending on your personal comfort level, I will  adjust t the massage to your pressure preference. It can range from light to firm pressure. MyMassage is applied to back, arms, legs and shoulders and usually includes some focused intense work on those areas of your body that need specific muscle tension relief, stimulation or relaxation.
Full Body, Back, Feet, Face, Head and Custom
IMobile or Incall Session
Relaxation, Sensation and Stimulation 
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 Male/Gay Massage
 East London Incall - Outcall Massage

Sensual Esotic Massage